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M2 Cyclone MKI 1997-99
M2 Cyclone MKII 2000
RR1000R 1986-88
RR 1000 Battletwin 1985
RR 1200 Battletwin 1988
RRB 1190 Typhon Streetfighter Prototype 2011
RS 1200/5 Westwind 1989
RSS 1200 Westwind 1991-93
RW 750 Production Racing Motorcycle 1983
S1 Lightning 1996
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XB9S Lightning 2002
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XB9SX Lightning CityX 2005-06
XR9SX Lightning CityX Limited Edition 2006
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XR9SX Lightning CityX Black 2009-10
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XB12S Lightning "Black and White" 2007
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XB12Ss Lightning Long 2006-07
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XB12STT Lightning Super TT 2007-08
XB12X Ulysses Adventure 2006-07
XB12X Ulysses Adventure 2008-09
XB12X Ulysses Adventure 2010
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1190 Baja DR 2022
1190 Hammerhead 2022
1190 Hammerhead 40th-Annversarsary Edition 2023
1190 Super Touring 2022


Erik Buell rode his first motorcycle at the age of twelve and was instantly hooked. Later, when he took a job at a local motorcycle dealership to pay for night school classes, he rapidly worked his way up from trainee mechanic to service manager. During that time, he started road racing at amateur level and his dedication and talent soon took him to the highest level of professional racing in the States. In 1978, he recorded the fastest newcomer qualifying time for the Daytona 200 race. Erik attained his degree in engineering with one intention - he wanted to continue to work with motorcycles. After graduating, he went to work for Harley-Davidson as a chassis engineer.

Through his time with Harley he holds several motorcycle-related component patents. Erik left Harley-Davidson in 1982 to pursue the dream of creating his own race bike. He developed the square-four, two-stroke RW750 to compete in the AMA Formula 1 road race series. A rule change rendered the RW750 ineligible for the class so Erik turned his talents to creating an American sportbike for the street. Harley-Davidson supplied Erik with engines for a series of innovative models between 1987 and 1993, each of which incorporated unprecedented features. For example, Buell was the first manufacturer to use upside down front forks and braided steel brake hoses on a production motorcycle.

By 1993, Harley-Davidson had decided to expand its business by attracting new customers in new market segments. Harley had been keeping a close eye on Erik's work and naturally turned to him at this time. In February 1994 the new Buell Motorcycle Company was born, 49% owned by Harley-Davidson. Four years later, Harley purchased a further 49% of the company to become the majority investor, with Erik retaining a 2% share and a long term employment contract to ensure continuity of line in terms of innovation, engineering and styling.

The Buell Motorcycle Company was now a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, Inc. With the full support and backing of Harley. Since 1993, Buell has introduced a series of mould-breaking, provocative sport and standard motorcycles for the street. The 2003 model year featured the first XB-series bike, the XB9R with which Buell should even further expand and gain market share.

The 2008 model year still featured bikes from the XB platform along with a new Buell coup: the 1125R which is expected to again boost Buell sales and guarantee a bright future. However, Buell was shut down by its parent company Harley-Davidson.

Erik Buell continued his passion for racing bikes and formed EBR.  Erik Buell Racing (EBR) is an American motorcycle sport company which produces street and racing motorcycles, based in East Troy, Wisconsin, USA. Erik Buell founded the company along with Brian Lloyd (Erik's neighbor and motorcycle know-it-all) in November 2009 following the shutdown of his previous company, Buell Motorcycle Company, by parent company/majority stakeholder Harley-Davidson. Erik Buell Racing's first efforts were directed towards the  production of complete, race-only motorcycles and parts based on the Buell 1125R production model, under license from Harley-Davidson, to support privateer racers.

On July 1, 2013, Hero MotoCorp, an Indian motorcycle giant, acquired 49.2% stake in the company for $25 million. The two companies announced that EBR will distribute Hero motorcycles and scooters in North America starting in the summer of 2014.