404 DS Supermoto 2006-07
404 DS Supermoto 2008-09
404 DS Trail 2006-07
404 DS Trail 2008-09
450 GP Adventure 2014
604 DS Dual Sport 2000-01
604 RS Roadster 2000-01
604 DS Supermoto 2000-01
644 DS Dual Sport 2002-08
644 DS Supermoto 2002 - 08
C-R 40 2007
C-XR 230E 2007-08
C-XR 230E 2009
C-XR 230S 2007-08
C-XR 230S 2009
FT 35S 2006
FT 6 Flat Tracker 2018
FT 710 2008
R30 2003
R 35 2007-08
R 45 2008
RL 125 2008
SM 125 2008
S-R 40 2007
TL 125 2008

X-TR 230


Spitfire 2017
Spitfire Blackout 2020
Spitfire Bobber 2018-
Spitfire  Bobber Stealth 2020
Spitfire Café Racer 2017
Spitfire Foggy Edition 2019
Spitfire Foggy Stealth 2020
Spitfire Scrambler 2017
Spitfire Stealth Six 2020
Spitfire Ti Heritage '71 2022
Street Moto 2022
Street Tracker 2022
Classic Tracker 2022


“CCM” stands for “Clews Competition Machines”, A British company founded in 1971 by Alan Clews that became well-known for building race winning motocross motorcycles, often using BSA engines and transmissions.

CCM motorcycles have competed and won in multiple forms of top flight motorcycle competition over the decades, including motocross, flat-track, trials, supermoto, and road racing.

Then called Clews Stroka that soon became Clews Competition Machines, now known as CCM.  During the 70’s CCM had great success in Motocross with John Banks and Bob Wright. In 1976 Eddie Kidd jumped 13 double decker buses on a 2 valve 500cc CCM. More than 54 machines were then sold to the Sultan of Oman for his display team.

In the early 80’s CCM Armstrong won the British trials championship two years running with Steve Saunders. In 1981 CCM Armstrong won the 250 TT with Steve Tonkin. Niall McKenzie dominated the British 250cc Road racing championship with the world’s firs all carbon fibre frames.

CCM produced over 4000 motorcycles for the North-American market under the Can Am brand. During the same period CCM produced more than 3000 MT500 army motorcycles to the British, Canadian and Jordanian armies.

Harley-Davidson bought the rights to produce the MT500 in the US. In the late 90’s and until the bankruptcy CCM were active in four stroke racing with rally success in Dakar, but mainly on the supermoto track.  In 2004 CCM was at the brink of extinction. Gary Harthern, a local business owner from Preston came up with the cash needed to restart production. Together with the two Clews brothers Austin and Russel he now runs the small British company from the North-West of England.