David Yurman Forged Carbon Moto

Ducati 900SS

Ducati Brad's Leggero
Ducati Hypermotard Dakar
Ducati Leggero Café Racer
Ducati Leggero GTS
Ducati Leggero Racer
Ducati Leggero BC
Ducati SBK Nr4
Ducati Square-Case Bevel Racer "Bedeveled"
Ducati WSM SBK 2V
Ducati WSM SBK 4V
Electric PACT
Mike’s Leggero
MV Agusta Bol d’Or Series Street Racer

Walt Siegl designs high-performance motorcycles using classic design elements.

Every WSM motorcycle is hand-built in Walt’s New Hampshire workshop with unwavering commitment to both performance and style.

When Walt was 19, he dropped out of art school in his native Austria to join a road racing team. He later worked in France as a shunter in a train yard and as a toolmaker and welder in Germany, Austria and Italy. A job with an Austrian steel company took him to Moscow, where he eventually joined the Austrian Foreign Service.

In 1985 he was transferred to New York City for a position promoting contemporary Austrian art and culture for the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Walt spent his free time building motorcycles for himself and friends out of a basement across the river in Long Island City. 

In 2007 he moved his workshop and his family to an old mill town in southern New Hampshire to build motorcycles full time. 

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Brian O’Neill, Walt Siegl, and Aran Johnson