Walter Siegl Motorcycles has just unveiled its latest addition to its MV Agusta Bol dOr Series built around the iconic Italian brands new 3-cylinder engine and nimble trellis chassis.

The MV Agusta Bol dOr Series shares plenty with WSMs previous Bol dOr incarnations, but comes with a few notable differences and unlike the others, its been made to be used on the road. First Walter shed some weight. Once all the current plastics were stripped off, a new lighter aluminium subframe was added, on top of which a new Kevlar fairing manufactured by John Harvey of FuelCel is added. Thats not all though, WSM added magnesium wheels, machined aluminium footpegs and even reconfigured the electronics and engine mapping.

The MV Agusta Bol dOr Series tips the scales at 150kg 36kg lighter than the standard machine and  has a peak

 power of approximately 140bhp.