Fionda 2004
Folgore 2003
Furia 2003
Furia Titanium 2004
Furia OTTO 2005
Furia Replica V11 2009

Guzzi V11

Kimera 2004
Motard V-Twin  
Sport Monza 1000  
Super Twin 1100 2003

Ghezzi- Brian was born in 1995 with the idea in mind of creating a racing motorbike. In 1996 this bike won the Italian SuperTwin champioship.

In 1998 Ghezzi-Brian was ready to launch a new and fascinating challenge: to offer an outstanding sportsbike, capable of giving the track feeling to twin-cylinders engine and Moto Guzzi fans.

So was the model SuperTwin 1100created, born from the winning bike but homologated for road use.

Ghezzi-Brian then developed Furia, a glamorous and trendy model designed for the market of sport naked bikes.

New versions followed, in an escalation of exclusivity and power.
I modelli Furia Titanium and Furia Otto vhave been produced on limited scale, with wide abundance of titanium and other valuable materials.

Ghezzi-Brian’s Furia has been chosen as the character of Warner Bros Pictures’movieTre metri sopra il cielo”.

Born to be a superstar, Furia wins the heart of those who in a bike look for exclusivity and pure, uncompromised beauty.

Ghezzi-Brian then worked out its original racing vocation with Pro-Thunder, 1225 cc engine, dominator of the American A.M.A. championship. From this bike, MGS-01 was born.

We are especially proud to remember MGS-01, developed by Ghezzi-Brian on behalf of Moto Guzzi, and today still a winner on the track with Guareschi team.

Ghezzi-Brian has always been particularly keen on its tuning line for Moto Guzzi models and on the custom frames specifically designed for those who want to give birth to their own superbike.

In 2007, following the requests of many bikers, Ghezzi-Brian starts a whole new philosophy transforming the Guzzi models V11, 1100 Sport and Daytona into true superbikes with aesthetic and performance tuning kits.
That’s how the “Sport Monza 1000” kit was born.

We create ideas following the bikers’ deepest desires, and the customisation of every single bike is our pride.
But even more we do not want to put barriers to dreams, following the motto we always remind our customers and friends: