Black Magic 2004-08
Café-Racer 1998-03
Café-Racer 2004-08
Charade Racing 2006
GTV 1200 2010
Roadster 1998-03
Roadster 2004
Scrambler 2001
Scrambler 2002-03
Street Scrambler 2004
Super Naked XV 2008
VX10 Nefertiti 2010

Voxan is quite a new company on the motorcycle industry, being founded in 1995 and headquartered in Issoire, France. What's interesting is that the French motorcycle company worked in collaboration with numerous famous names, including here Alain Chevallier or Sodemo, another French firm which was mostly focused on the engines installed on the Voxan bikes.

And because we're talking about the Voxan engines, it's important to note that all the motorcycles manufactured by the company were equipped with the same engine, namely a V-Twin with 72 degrees angle and a displacement of 996cc. Moreover, the design of the engine is the same for all motorcycles, being provided by Alain Chevallier, one of the first partners of the company.

The first Voxan prototype was released in 1997, two years after the company was officially founded. However, the first motorcycle manufactured by Voxan came two years later, in 1999, when the French manufacturer rolled out 50 Roadster models. In 2000, the company brought out one more bike, namely the Café Racer, being followed by Scrambler one year later.

At this time, the company only owns 8 models of motorcycles, including the Roadster Limited, the Café Racer, the Scrambler, the Black Magic, the Charade and the Black Classic. However, Voxan works on several new models expected in the next few years, such as the GTV 1200 and the Starck Super Naked.

The Charade Racing 2006 is one of the Voxan motorcycles equipped with a 4 valves per cylinder engine which could produce 106 horsepower at 8000rpm. Moreover, it comes with electronic fuel injection and with an electronic starting system that could make it more attractive for consumers interested in a a sport bike.

Getting back to the company's history, Voxan encountered several problems when trying to compete with the other major companies, no matter if we're talking about Italian or Japanese manufacturers. In 2002, Voxan was bought by the Société de Développement et de Participation in order to bring new funds and workforce to the company. After one year since the acquisition was completed, Voxan launched the Street Scrambler, the first motorcycle produced after the mentioned transaction.

Voxan Scrambler Concept