Model K 1920-21
De Luxe 1922
De Luxe 1925
Streamline "KJ" 1929
“Special” KL 1930
Supe5r X 1929

Super X



The Excelsior Motorcycle Co. was started in 1907, building 29ci single cylinder powered bikes. The company was then bought by bicycle maker Ignatz Schwinn in 1910, who continued production of inlet-over-exhaust singles and V-twins of up to 61cu. in. In 1917, Ignatz bought out Henderson and his company became Excelsior-Henderson. In 1925 the Super-X was introduced, it was the first 45ci v-twin motorcycle. Its stellar performance prompted Harley and Indian to both introduce 45cu machines into their companies line-ups.

Due to the coming onset of the great depression, Ignatz Schwinn brought an end to his companies motorcycle production with the words: "Today we quit!"

In 1990, the Hanlon Manufacturing Co. bought the rights to the name Excelsior Henderson. They manufactured an Excelsior Henderson Motorcycle and are now out of business.