Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel


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Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel




Four stroke, Transversal 90° V-twin, 2-valves per cylinder, titanium intake


853 cc / 52.0 cu in
Bore x Stroke 84 x 77 mm
Cooling System Air cooled
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Emission EURO 5+


Electronic injection; Ø 52 mm single throttle body, Ride-by-Wire


Starting Electric

Max Power

80 hp / 58.8 kW @ 7750 rpm

Max Torque

83 Nm / 61.2 lb-ft @ 5100 rpm


Dry single disc


6 Speed
Final Drive Shaft, double universal joint and double bevel gear units
Gear Ratios 1st 16/39 = 1: 2.437 2nd 18/32 = 1: 1.778 3rd 21/28 = 1: 1.333 4th 24/26 = 1: 1.083 5th 25/24 = 1: 0.960 6th 27/24 = 1: 0.889
Frame High strength steel tubular frame

Front Suspension

41 mm hydraulic telescopic USD fork, with adjustable spring preload and hydraulic rebound

Front Wheel Travel 170 mm / 6.7 in

Rear Suspension

Double-sided swingarm in box-type aluminium with a single shock on the right side, with adjustable spring (controlled via a knob on the V85 TT and V85 TT Travel) preload and hydraulic rebound

Rear Wheel Travel 170 mm / 6.7 in

Front Brakes

2x 320mm stainless steel floating discs, Brembo radial-mounted calipers with 4 opposed pistons

Rear Brakes

Single 260 mm stainless steel disc, floating caliper with 2 pistons
ABS Standard double channel ABS
Wheels Cross Spoked

Front Wheel

2.50 x 19

Rear Wheel

4.25 x 17

Front Tyre

110/80 – R19

Rear Tyre

150/70 – R17

Seat Height

830 mm / 32.7 in
Dry Weight 211 kg / 465 lbs

Wet Weight

243 kg / 536 lbs

Fuel Capacity 

23 Litres / 6.0 US gal

For 2024, the Moto Guzzi V85 has been totally revamped with a new range made up of three models, each one with a unique character: The Moto Guzzi V85 Strada, Moto Guzzi V85 TT and Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel, thus offer a unique range of options for all motorcyclists eager to hit the road, regardless of their destination.

The Moto Guzzi V85 TT was conceived through a skillful blend of highly evocative design and cutting-edge technical solutions. It was 2019, and right from the offset, the new Moto Guzzi revolutionized an increasingly homologated market, creating a new segment, positioning itself as the first iconic adventure bike, balancing stylistic references to the golden age of motorbike adventure with the content and functionality of a modern travel enduro.

Practical, essential, and lightweight, the V85 TT is made to thrill even before you get in the saddle, catering for those who want a motorbike that rekindles the spirit of adventure even on everyday rides.
Moto Guzzi V85 boasts the undisputed qualities of a great traveler: consider the 23-litre fuel tank, providing a range of over 400 km on a single fill, or the final cardan shaft transmission – making the V85 the only bike in its displacement class to use it – always favoured over the chain by long-distance riders due to its cleanliness and low maintenance requirements.

The Eagle’s first iconic adventurer gets a refresh with three new versions destined to catch the eye with their authentic magnetism and to charge the emotions before you even hop astride. This is a complete V85 range featuring a host of fine-tuned details and powered by the new Euro 5-compliant twin cylinder engine which delivers extra grunt and torque for a more engaging ride. The V85 TT and V85 TT Travel are joined by the new V85 Strada. AKA the “practical machine”, this streamlined, agile bike is designed for your everyday adventures.

The front is, as always, characterized by the double circular headlamp, which includes the LED light cluster with the DRL outlining the silhouette of the Moto Guzzi eagle. The headlamp and instrument panel supports are now moulded in die-cast aluminium, in place of the steel tube trellis of the previous generation, giving the top fairing a more sporting and dynamic presence. Continuing the stylistic theme from the front, the newly introduced rear grab handle (offered as an accessory for the V85 Strada) is also made of aluminium. This refined choice contributes to improved passenger comfort and ergonomics.

The fuel tank is one of the defining elements of the V85 lineup, with its sculpted shapes appearing even more robust and dynamic. The recesses just above the engine cylinders seem to be a natural extension of the twin-cylinder engine. The latter features new cylinder head covers, the design of which emphasizes the technical upgrades of the unit.

All models in the new Moto Guzzi V85 range are powered by the unmistakable air-cooled, 90° transverse V-twin engine with two-valve per cylinder rocker and rod timing system, the pride and tradition of the Eagle of Mandello.

An 853cc engine, following the construction scheme of all contemporary Moto Guzzi engines, was initially introduced in the first version of the V85 TT with elements of excellence, including the timing system with roller tappets and aluminum rocker arms, along with 42.5 mm intake valves made of titanium.

On the new Moto Guzzi V85 range, the engine complies with the new Euro 5+ emissions regulations and has undergone significant work to increase power and improve throttle response – and therefore torque figures – at low revs. This was achieved thanks to the adoption of variable valve timing, a technical solution that optimizes valve lift laws depending on engine speeds. The increase in torque becomes noticeable as early as 3000 rpm and extends across the entire torque curve. By 3500 rpm, 90% of the maximum torque, equivalent to 83 Nm at 5100 rpm is available. This further enhances road riding pleasure and improves throttle response, offering greater flexibility in low revs and high gears. Furthermore, the maximum power sees an increase, leaping from 76 hp at 7,500 rpm in the previous generation to 80 hp at 7,750 rpm.

Another improvement involves the incorporation of knock sensors, which supply essential data to the engine management ECU, enabling more precise and accurate adjustment of ignition timing. This results in a range of benefits: higher performance combined with improved riding comfort and reliability.

The engine’s other fundamental characteristics remain unchanged. Lubrication involves a semi dry sump, with two coaxial pumps, one tasked with oil delivery and the other with recovery that ensure excellent lubrication and do away with the need for an oil radiator, thus reducing the overall weight. The semi-dry sump solution has all the advantages of dry sump engines, without the disadvantage of the encumbrance of the external oil reservoir since the sump itself carries out this function. The primary advantages are less loss of power because of friction due to the interaction of the crank drive with the oil, lower maximum temperature reached by the oil and freedom of the bike to reach a greater lean or pitch angle without any lubrication problems, thereby allowing the reduction of the quantity of lubricant needed to ensure that the pump has correct draft in any situation. The oil sump is reduced in size to increase ground clearance and allow for assembly of the protective aluminium under-sump.

Injection makes use of a single 52 mm throttle body, while with multimap Ride-by-Wire throttle control, a solution that allows for precise throttle valve opening control, not only optimizing overall efficiency for a smooth, rich delivery, but also decreasing fuel consumption. In fact, the Moto Guzzi engine on the V85 TT is extremely frugal in terms of consumption: it has few power-absorbing components (rod distribution and rocker is one of the most frugal in terms of power absorption) and has no cooling circuit pump or long drive chains or belts.

Outstanding aerodynamic protection.
One of the areas that Moto Guzzi technicians have focused on extensively is aerodynamic protection. This involved meticulous refinement efforts, including wind tunnel studies and numerous hours of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation.

Above the front headlamp, embellished with a new frame with a satin finish, is a new windscreen with a revised shape, manually adjustable in height to 5 positions, offering a total range of 70 mm. This results in a marked improvement in air protection in all conditions – the reduction in air pressure on the rider is 37% compared to the previous generation – and increased riding comfort, all while preserving the bike’s sleek aesthetics.

The reduction in air pressure on the rider has also been achieved by working on the now wider and more protective handguards. Furthermore, the addition of a newly patented cover at the front of the tank, precisely aligned with the ignition lock, effectively diminishes the airflow towards the rider’s chest and chin.

New Instrument Panel with 5-inch TFT Display
Sitting on the motorcycle, the rider benefits from a completely redesigned instrument panel: the new, larger 5-inch TFT colour display allows better visualization of all trip parameters. The handlebar switches are also new, having also undergone an overhaul, with both electric switch-cubes redesigned to provide more straightforward and intuitive access to all functions, including cruise control.

The Technological Equipment: The V85 is Even Easier, More Comfortable and Safer
The Moto Guzzi V85’s frame, constructed from high-strength tubular steel, leverages the unique engine mounting points to form a sturdy framework. This framework not only enhances precision and stability on the road but also provides durability and a confident feel when riding off-road. The chassis layout is remarkably rational and efficient, and it has been further improved to enhance comfort and safety.

On the V85 TT and V85 TT Travel models, the rear monoshock now features spring preload adjustability via a convenient handwheel. This allows for swift adjustments to the bike’s setup when riding with a passenger or carrying luggage. The suspension provides ample wheel travel of 170 mm both at the front and rear, ensuring a satisfying off-road experience. This is further aided by the generous 210 mm ground clearance.

The electronic equipment is also expanded, featuring the incorporation of a six-axis inertial platform (available as an accessory on the V85 Strada). This advanced system, equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes, can detect the bike’s orientation relative to the road; it records and processes the input derived from the ride and sends the data to the ECU. This makes the management of the electronic controls even finer and more precise, enabling the functionality of the Cornering ABS, which can modulate braking power according to the lean angle, improving safety. The ABS system operates in conjunction with an advanced braking setup. This setup comprises a double steel-made front disc, with a 320 mm diameter, paired with newly designed Brembo radial-mount monobloc callipers featuring 4 opposed pistons connected to the handlebar master cylinder via braided metal hoses. At the rear is a 2-piston floating calliper with a 260 mm diameter steel disc.

The calibration of all electronic parameters – MGCT traction control, ABS and Ride-by-Wire throttle response – can be easily managed via the riding modes. The riding modes Road, Sport and Rain are standard on all models of the range. Additionally, there’s a specialized Off-Road mode designed exclusively for the V85 TT and V85 TT Travel versions, designed to emphasize their off-road capabilities. This mode features the lowest level of traction control intervention, ABS active only on the front wheel with dedicated calibration (and the possibility of deactivating it on the front wheel as well), together with a smoother throttle response, assisted by greater engine braking. The V85 TT Travel also features the Riding Mode Custom (accessory on the V85 Strada and V85 TT), which allows full customization of electronic control levels and even the creation of an additional personalized mode via a dedicated menu.

All models in the V85 range are also equipped with Cruise Control, capable of maintaining the set speed without acting on the accelerator. This system is also designed to be extremely intuitive, with a single button to activate it and to increase or decrease the set speed.

The Extensive Range of Accessories Continues to Grow and Be Updated.

Moto Guzzi’s comprehensive catalogue of genuine accessories tailored for the V85 has been further enriched with new items, with numerous accessories refined in terms of both style and functionality. All these accessories are fully homologated and subjected to rigorous testing procedures, akin to any original motorcycle component, ensuring their quality and longevity.

The pair of Urban series panniers and top box, made from ABS and aluminium, are now offered in two different finishes, Silver and Dark (Urban Dark cases are standard on the V85 TT Travel). The trio of aluminium panniers has been restyled and expanded in terms of capacity, with the side cases now featuring a more convenient side opening. The catalogue is also enriched with new, more agile lightweight luggage options, such as the thermoformed Tank Bag, with a convenient quick-release fastening on the filler cap and the soft Roll Bag with sporty styling made of waterproof material.
For the V85 Strada version, handguards, aluminium skid plate and grab bars are available as accessories, while the low front mudguard is available as an accessory for the V85 TT and V85 TT Travel.

On the technology front, the IMU inertial platform, which enables the Cornering ABS functionality (standard on the V85 TT and V85 TT Travel) and the Custom riding mode (standard on the V85 TT Travel) are offered as accessories.

Also new is the Touring windshield, standard on the V85 TT Travel. Designed with input from wind tunnel testing, it provides enhanced rider protection during extended journeys with its 22% larger surface area compared to the original. Like the standard windscreen, it’s manually adjustable in height across 5 positions. Made from impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate, it maintains its transparency and shine over time.

The brand-new air deflectors (standard on the V85 TT Travel) further extend the air protection offered by the windscreen, guaranteeing greater ride comfort.
A new indoor motorcycle cover is also available.

The line-up of accessories is completed by further practical items, useful in all types of riding scenarios.
- Auxiliary LED lights: with an aluminum body and contained size, the lights use limited power. They integrate perfectly with the style of the bike and allow greater visibility and safety during night-time riding and when foggy.
- Heated grips (standard on V85 TT Travel): without the need for additional buttons and controlled via the left-hand switch-cube.
- Comfort seat with optional heating element: a comprehensive selection of seats enriched with heat-sealing that features the stylized eagle of the DRL, designed to enhance comfort with a special 3D net insert. These seats are available in three different heights (standard, high, and low) and all come with optional heating functionality, accessible via Moto Guzzi MIA.
- Shaft drive protection: made with thick steel tubes, protects the shaft drive in case of a fall.
- Engine guard: made from thick steel tubing, offers specific protection for the engine and rider’s legs.
- Aluminium clutch and brake levers: available in Silver and Dark finishes, these levers are precision-machined from billet aluminum and enhance ergonomics with four adjustable positions.
- High-grip enduro brake pedal: laser-cut and powder-coated for durability, providing exceptional grip even in the most demanding conditions.
- Center stand: created in cataphoretic and powder coated steel to stand up to different weather conditions, it has been designed and engineered to meet with the strictest safety and resistance - standards.
- Foldable mirrors: they fold in towards the handlebar to reduce bulk during off-road use.
- Öhlins monoshock: with adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload, they offer maximum comfort and safety in all situations.
- Moto Guzzi MIA (standard on V85 TT Travel): this device enables smartphone connectivity with the bike, expanding the capabilities of the instrument panel. When paired with the comfort seats, it activates the rider’s seat heating function.
- TPMS tire pressure monitoring system: this device enables smartphone connectivity with the bike, expanding the capabilities of the instrument panel.
- Additional under-seat USB socket: ideal for utilizing the Moto Guzzi MIA multimedia platform. In addition to the port already located on the side of the instrument panel, allows you to recharge external devices and smartphones.
- Electronic anti-theft device: comprises a compact and technologically advanced ECU that is easy to install. Complete with remote control. The system is self-powered with minimum energy absorption.
- Splash guard: made from powder-coated steel tubing with a suspended mudguard, it shields the passenger and the rear of the vehicle from water and mud.