KTM 690 Baja Prototype


The KTM Baja 690 is officially being called a ‘sports prototype’, but the levels of development apparent over the 690SM (the only machine to use the new engine so far) make it highly likely to be the base for the next big four-stroke off-roader).

The Baja’s chassis is completely changed from the 690SM, boasting a new frame and swingarm from the factory Paris-Dakar rally bikes with off-road specific WP forks and rear suspension.

The SM’s radial Brembo caliper and massive brake disc make way for a smaller, conventional caliper and wavy disc mounted on larger diameter, narrower rim-width off-road wheels and tyres.

No specific details about the engine have been released, but expect a retune to make the power delivery more suited to off-road use and lower gearing.

The distinctive vertical exhausts of the SM have been removed for practicality reasons – the under-slung down pipes would be too exposed to rocks and rough ground, so a conventional high-level exhaust runs along the left-hand side and under the tail piece.