Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 Special


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Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 Special


2021 -


Four stroke, 60° V-twin Revolution Max 1250, Chain-driven, DOHC, hydraulic self-adjusting lifters, intake & exhaust VVT, four valves per cylinder


1252 cc / 76.3 cu-in

Bore x Stroke

105 x 72.3 mm

Compression Ratio


Cooling System

Liquid cooled


2-into-1-into-1, catalyst in header
Lubrication Semi-dry sump


Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)



Max Power

150 hp / 112 kW @ 9000 rpm

Max Torque

127 Nm / 94 lb-ft @ 6750 rpm


Mechanical, 8 plate wet, assist & slip, 1090N


6 Speed

Final Drive Ratio

Chain, 19/48
Primary Drive Ratio Gear, 49/89

Gear Ratios

1st 13.11 / 2nd 9.687 / 3rd 7.509 / 4th 6.057 / 5th 5.08 / 6th 4.436


Stressed-member, high strength low alloy steel trellis frame; stamped, cast,
and forged junctions; MIG welded; aluminum forged mid-structure
Swingarm One-piece cast aluminum

Front Suspension

47mm inverted fork with electronically adjustable semi-active damping control (optional: Adjustable Right Height (ARH)), Aluminum fork triple clamps

Front Wheel Travel

191 mm / 7.5 in

Rear Suspension

Linkage-mounted monoshock with automatic electronic preload control and semi-active compression & rebound damping, adjustable Ride Height (ARH)

Rear Wheel Travel

191 mm / 7.5 in

Front Brakes

2x 320mm discs, radially mounted, monoblock, 4-piston caliper

Rear Brakes

Single 280mm disc, floating, single piston caliper

ABS System



Aluminum cast, satin black (optional: annodized aluminum tubeless laced)

Front Rim

3.0  x 19

Rear Rim

4.50 x 17

Front Tyre

120/70R19 60V

Rear Tyre

170/60R17 72V




108 mm / 4.3 in


Length:  2265 mm / 89.2 in
Width:     965 mm / 38 in
Height:  1510 mm / 59.4 in


1580 mm / 62.2 in

Seat Height Laden

Low seat position 789 mm / 31.1 in
High seat position 814 mm / 32 in
Low seat position with optional ARH suspension 772 mm / 30.4 in
High seat position with optional ARH suspension 797 mm / 31.4 in
Seat Height Unladen Low seat position 850 mm / 33.4 in
High seat position 875 mm / 34.4 in
Low seat position with optional ARH suspension 830 mm / 32.7 in
High seat position with optional ARH suspension 855 mm / 33.7 in

Ground Clearance

210 mm / 8.3 in

Dry Weight

239 kg / 527 lbs

Wet Weight

254 kg / 559 lbs

Fuel Capacity 

21.2 Litres / 5.6 US gal

From a press release issued By Harley-Davidson:


Built to Endure, Designed to Explore, and Engineered for Adventure

The Pan America™ motorcycle is Harley-Davidson’s explore-it-all machine for riders who see touring as detouring – on road and off. This rugged, powerful, technologically advanced multi-purpose vehicle is designed from the ground up to inspire rider confidence and fuel the spirit of adventure, wherever the road may take you.

Harley-Davidson has leveraged its cutting-edge design and engineering capabilities to create the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special, all-new, adventure-touring motorcycles, each designed with premium features, outstanding performance and innovative technology.

“From its inception more than a century ago, when many roads were little more than dirt trails, Harley-Davidson has stood for adventure. So, I’m very proud to present Pan America as the first adventure touring bike designed and built in America,” said Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO Harley-Davidson. “The Pan America models exude that go-anywhere spirit, shared today by riders in the US and around the globe who want to experience the world on a motorcycle.” That same adventurous spirt is deeply shared by actor and brand ambassador, Jason Momoa, who is joining creative forces with the Company to bring Pan America’s passion for adventure to the world.

Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special models are powered by the new 150hp Revolution® Max 1250 engine, a liquid-cooled 1,250cc-displacement V-Twin designed to offer a broad powerband that builds to a rush of high-RPM power. To minimize overall motorcycle weight (Pan America 1250 534lb. wet/Pan America 1250 Special 559lb. wet), the Revolution Max engine is integrated into the vehicle as the central member of the chassis.

Pan America models are equipped with technologies designed to enhance the riding experience, including multiple electronically controlled ride modes plus Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements. This broad collection of technologies is designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking. The Pan America 1250 Special model is equipped with electronically adjustable semi-active front and rear suspension. As an industry-first innovation, Pan America is equipped with Adaptive Ride Height (ARH), a revolutionary new suspension system which automatically transitions between a low stopped position and optimal ride height when the motorcycle is in motion.

Harley-Davidson design and engineering teams collaborated throughout the process of creating and refining the Pan America™ 1250 and Pan America™ 1250 Special models with a vision guided by utility. Like a good multi-tool, function leads the form of these Harley-Davidson® models. From grab handles to integrated luggage mounts, to a horizontal headlamp configured to better illuminate an off-road trail, function defines style. Inspired by the spirit of rugged North American off-road versatility, the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special models stand out visually in the adventure touring landscape, with design that reflects the capability of the motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson® dealers will offer a complete line of accessories for the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special models, including three durable luggage systems, and new technical riding gear for men and women developed in collaboration with respected European motorcycle apparel specialist, REV’IT!.

The Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special models will arrive at Harley-Davidson dealerships in Spring 2021.


The Pan America 1250 Special model is a premium adventure touring motorcycle loaded with the following additional exclusive features:

Semi-Active Front and Rear Suspension with Vehicle Load Control

The Pan America™ 1250 Special model is equipped with electronically adjustable semi-active front and rear suspension. Utilizing data provided by sensors on the motorcycle, this suspension system automatically controls damping to suit the prevailing conditions and riding activity. These suspension components are provided by SHOWA, while the control software was developed by Harley-Davidson. The Vehicle Loading Control system senses the weight of the rider, a passenger and luggage to select optimal suspension sag by automatically adjusting rear preload. Unladen seat height is 33.4 inches in the low position and 34.4 inches in the high position.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The TPMS displays current front and rear tire pressure on the on the color display screen and displays an indicator to alert the rider when tire pressure is low, and the pressure should be checked. Maintaining proper tire air pressure is important both for vehicle performance and tire life.

Center Stand

The center stand supports the parked motorcycle in an upright position. With the center stand deployed the parked motorcycle takes up less space than it would leaning on its side stand, a benefit when garage space is tight. The stand also raises the rear wheel off the ground to facilitate maintenance and tire changes, at home or in the backcountry.

Multi-Position Rear Brake Pedal

Without using tools, the rear-brake foot pedal height can be changed between two positions to improve control and comfort when the rider is standing. Standing while riding through off-road terrain can improve control of the motorcycle and improve rider’s vision of the trail ahead.

Brush Guard

Tubular steel brush guards are designed to protect the radiator and help support the motorcycle in a tip-over event.

Aluminum Skid Plate

This rugged skid plate is designed to protect the engine crankcase from impacts.

Daymaker® Signature Adaptive Headlamp

Advanced Daymaker® Adaptive Headlamp technology utilizes the ABS IMU to determine the lean angle of the motorcycle and automatically project additional light into corners to illuminate areas of the road that may be unlit by an LED headlamp without this technology. This may give the rider more confidence on dark roads.

The system includes three LED elements per side, located just above the main Daymaker headlamp.

The adaptive lamps illuminate in sequence based on motorcycle lean angle, at 8 degrees, 15 degrees and 23 degrees.

Rather than just switching on and off, the current to the adaptive elements ramps up gradually so the additional lighting is progressive and appears almost seamless to the rider. The system functions when the headlight is in either high-beam or low-beam mode.

Heated Hand Grips and Hand Wind Deflectors

Both provide added comfort when riding in cool weather. Heated grips have three temperature settings, selected with a button on the hand control.

Steering Damper

A steering damper enhances dynamic performance during aggressive off-road riding.

Factory Installed Option: Adaptive Ride Height

Harley-Davidson is the first to offer this technology in the motorcycle industry, and Adaptive Ride Height (ARH) is an option for the Pan America™ 1250 Special model only. Adaptive Ride Height unlocks confidence you can feel in different scenarios by enabling a lower seat height when the motorcycle is at rest, without compromising ground clearance in motion.

This revolutionary suspension system automatically transitions the motorcycle between a low stopped position and optimal ride height when the motorcycle is in motion. The system allows the rider to mount the Pan America 1250 Special model with ease, and facilitates placing feet down to the ground at a stop, by lowering the seat height 1 to 2 inches (depending on automatically selected rear pre-load, which determines ride height when the bike is moving). Unladen seat height is 32.7 inches in the low position and 33.7 inches in the high position. ARH retains all of the features of the semi-active front and rear suspension.

ARH does not compromise suspension travel – full travel is always maintained – and does not compromise lean angle, ground clearance or ride quality.

There are four selectable Adaptive Ride Height sub-modes:

Auto Mode: The system determines how quickly to lower the suspension based on how aggressive the braking action is, with the target of having the suspension fully lowered when the bike comes to a stop.

Short Delay and Long Delay Modes: In these modes the lowering function is delayed until the motorcycle comes to a stop, so that full ride height is maintained while the motorcycle is moving at low speeds, such as when negotiating a parking lot.

Locked Mode: The Adaptive Ride Height system will always maintain the normal ride height and does not lower at a stop. This mode might be selected by a tall rider who does not need Adaptive Ride Height to be flat footed at a stop, or for off-road riding when full ride height is desirable at low speeds.

Factory Installed Option: Tubeless Laced Wheels

The stainless-steel spokes are inserted through the aluminum wheel rim outside of the tire bead. These wheels offer the rider several advantages over the cast wheels in off-road conditions.

This design allows the use of a tubeless tire, which eliminates the weight of an inner tube. The spokes are repairable in the field without removing the wheel from the motorcycle or removing the tire from the wheel.

The laced wheels look both rugged and high-tech.

Paint Colors:

Vivid Black; Gauntlet Gray Metallic; Deadwood Green (available in select international markets only); two-tone Baja Orange and Stone Washed White Pearl; all with Split Graphic.