Moto Morini Sport 1200


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Moto Morini Sport 1200


2008 - 09


Four stroke, 87° V longitudinal twin, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder


1187 cc / 72.5 cu-in
Bore x Stroke 107 x 66 mm
Cooling System Liquid cooled
Compression Ratio 12.5:1
Lubrication Forced with trochoidal pump


Magneti Marelli fuel injection 54 mm throttle body


I.A.W. electronic 
Starting Electric

Max Power

86 kW / 117 hp @ 8500 rpm

Max Torque

102 Nm / 10.4 kgf-m @ 6750 rpm
Clutch Multiplate clutch in oil bath with antis kipping and radial master cylinder.


6 Speed
Final Drive Chain
Frame Verlicchi high strength steel tubular trellis frame

Front Suspension

Marzocchi upside down with 50mm stems, 152mm wheel travel.

Rear Suspension

Progressive linkage wit Sachs Adjustable in rebound, compression  spring loading, 150mm wheel travel

Front Brakes

2x 320mm discs 4 piston callipers

Rear Brakes

Single 220mm disc 2 piston caliper

Front Tyre

120/70 ZR 17

Rear Tyre

180/55 ZR 17
Dimensions Length 2180 mm / 85.8 in
Width  865 mm / 34.1 in
Wheelbase 1,500 mm / 59.1 in
Seat Height 840 mm / 33.1 in
Ground Clearance 162 mm / 6.4 in

Dry Weight

198 kg /  436 lbs

Fuel Capacity 

18 Litres / 4.7 US gal

Standing ¼ Mile  

11.6 sec

Top Speed

229.2 km/h

The clean beauty of the naked bike and the classic style of 1970’s mechanics coexist in a trailblazing project. So don’t let the vintage style deceive you: under the fairing are advanced technological solutions, top-flight components and an engine delivering exceptional performance.

1200 Sport bases itself technically upon the 9 ½ project, yet it presents new features that make it quite different, not only aesthetically speaking, but also in terms of the technical solutions and riding setup. It’s a motorcycle with a personality cult, one with a sporty identity, certainly, but without overwhelming the rider with extreme performance.

The aesthetic design is by Marabese Design, who have overseen every last detail. Aesthetically speaking the main element is the spacious 21-litre tank, designed with roomy indents for the legs that make it more streamlined in the lower part. The front is strongly characterized by the small headlight fairing placed over the round headlight that protects the instrument panel and emphasizes its personality. The single seat forms a seamless body with the lightweight tail with cover that, when lifted, reveals a comfortable seat for the passenger.

The technical foundation is totally exposed: the trellis frame has a reinforced rear to accommodate the lateral cantilever shock absorber, directly united with the aluminium swingarm, which takes shape thanks to the new technology of hydroforming resulting in two sizeably-sectioned arms in a single, unwelded piece. At the rear, the left side features a double silencer with tapered exhaust pipe, whereas the front has the 50 mm fork. Special attention has been given to the ergonomics and the setup: the narrow handlebar and the distance between the footpegs and seat invite a riding position weighted on the front, where the rider’s upper body is projected forward, as is the norm for a sporty motorcycle.

Components have been selected to create a blend of contrasts that add to making the
1200 Sport a motorbike of exceptional character: the strength of the trellis frame and the elegance of the two-toned tank; the refinement of the spoked rims juxtaposed with the force of the Brembo 320 mm brake system to ensure power and modulation; the muscular Marzocchi fork with 50 mm legs and the use of the cantilever lateral suspension by Paioli with piggy back reservoir; and the round front headlamp contrasting with a more hi-tech led tail light.

1200 Sport comes with the Bialbero CorsaCorta 1187 cc twin cylinder designed by Franco Lambertini, a powerful engine with an unmistakably sporty soul, which develops 86 kW and 117 hp at 8500 rpm, with a high torque (102 Nm with 10.4 Kgm at 6700 rpm) well distributed over the entire rpm range. The engine’s layout is compact, strongly characterized by the 87° V layout of the cylinders and by the innovative solution of the integral casing. Compared to traditional solutions, it offers diverse advantages: the stiffness of the whole makes the engine a load-bearing element, serving to simplify the layout of the frame; the ease in assembling and disassembling means that work can be done on the engine both during production and servicing (for example, the lower part of the engine can be opened to gain access to the gearbox and crankshaft without the need to disassemble heads from the casing); the pistons and cylinders can be disassembled without opening the casing by using the lateral openings; and there is no longer the need to join the two semi-casings, typical of motorbike engines, which translates into huge benefits for production, service and the cost of spare parts. The exhaust system is characterized by double lateral silencer with tapered exhaust pipes. The vehicle complies with Euro 3 emissions standards.


Core of the chassis is the trellis frame in high-strength tubular steel by Verlicchi based on an exclusive design by Moto Morini. The structure offers unparalleled solidity which has been additionally stiffened in the rear part of the subframe, a stiffness required for adopting the solution of the cantilever lateral suspension. Wheelbase, steering rake, and trail measurements are compact, especially considering the fact that this bike pumps its energy through a 1200 cc engine.

Swingarm and suspension. 

The function of the chassis is aided by top-notch suspensions. At front is a mighty Marzocchi Magnum with 50 mm diameter legs, with exclusive lightweight plates designed in cast light alloy. The rear is characterized by a weighty doublesided swingarm, a result of hydroforming, a new technology based on the deforming capacity of water power and that allows the production of unwelded pieces. The swingarm built with this technology presents advantages in terms of weight and structural stiffness. It is aided by a Paioli lateral suspension with piggy back reservoir fully adjustable in rebound and compression.


The Excel spoked rims with aluminium alloy channel permit latest generation tubeless tyres or road tyres in compound for travel in safety, assuring the best driver performance.

Braking system.

The Brembo systems deliver powerful yet progressive deceleration, granting the rider the sensitivity needed for optimum handling of this difficult aspect of the riding experience. The pair of semi-floating discs measuring 320 mm at front is operated by axial callipers with four pistons with differentiated diameter: it is a solution stemming from a precise technical requirement — to provide safety through great modulating capacity and sheer power. Too often racing systems that are transferred to road bikes produce reactions that are abrupt and difficult to control, especially on roads open to traffic and on surfaces offering poor grip.


The two-toned fuel tank is in shock resistant nylon; it has a 21-litre capacity and can be raised to access the large filter box underneath.

Exhaust system.

The exhaust system with double lateral silencer gives the bike an unquestionable identity, while not compromising the powerful sound of the Bialbero CorsaCorta twin cylinder. Its environmental impact is low, allowing emissions to fall under the limits laid down by the Euro 3 standards.


MOTO MORINI COMPETIZIONE, the Moto Morini catalogue of accessories, devotes to the 1200 Sport a range of products to make the ride more comfortable:

  • Windshield kit for better protection at all speeds without compromising stability;

  • Expandable side panniers in tough fabric. Different sizes, the largest expands enough to hold a full-face helmet and has a capacity of 25 Litres
    ; the second of 15 Litres

  • Tank bag complete with handle for use as luggage and with straps to turn it into a backpack, 26 litre capacity;

  • Rear case in expandable tough fabric; 15 litre capacity

  • Tank cover embroidered with the Moto Morini logo;

  • Passenger handles, a sure grip when travelling in two. COLOURS. Two colour options are being planned, both with white frame: light blue/orange and British racing green/yellow. The production start-up is expected on March 2008.

The Sport was originally revealed in the option of British racing green/yellow - like Lotus sports cars - or a pastel blue/orange scheme inspired by the Gulf Oil sponsored race cars from the last 30 years.

But Gulf made a complaint about the colour, forcing Morini to drop the option, so now the factory has introduced a blue/white version, another colour scheme tipping a nod to the car world – this time American muscle cars.