Christini technology was first developed for mountain bikes, before the US brand moved onto dirt bikes.   They began building off-road, All-wheel drive motorcycles in their Philadelphia factory.  They launched their branded line of 450cc street legal dual sport and supermoto motorcycles for worldwide distribution in 2011.  In 2013 they completed their first full year of production motorcycles.

The Basics of AWD Traction Control
Christini’s patented mechanical All Wheel Drive system delivers power from the motorcycle transmission to the front wheel seamlessly. Because the system is coupled to the rear wheel through the main drive chain, the rear wheel cannot slip without transfer a percentage of the power to the front. Once the front shares the power, the torque feedback through the system eliminates rear wheel overspin. Thus Traction Control that Works!


The lightweight all-mechanical system works similar to that of AWD systems found on four wheeled vehicles. The AWD system (powering the front wheel) is driven at a slightly lower rate than the rear wheel (approximately 80%). Under optimum traction conditions, the rear wheel is actually driving faster than the front AWD system. One-way clutches within the front hub allow the front wheel to freewheel under these conditions. At this point, the AWD system is effectively passive. Though the front AWD system is turning, it is not actually transferring power to the front wheel. When the rear wheel loses traction, the drive ratio, relative to your forward speed, changes. The AWD system engages, transferring power to the front wheel until traction is reestablished at the rear wheel.An added benefit of AWD is that the front wheel does not want to wash out. When a front end tucks, the wheel stalls, stops turning, and begins to push. With the AWD system, as soon as the wheel begins to stall, power is delivered to the front wheel, forcing it to turn. With the front wheel under power, it is nearly impossible to wash out the front end.

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Christini AWD 450E
If you’re looking to jump into the world of AWD and want high performance without crossing into 2-stroke territory, the 450 Enduro is your bike. The AWD 450E includes an aluminum aftermarket exhaust for added horsepower, and the choice of the ChristiniI EFI System for increased throttle response and greater tunability. The 450E is carried by WP XPlor 48mm forks and a fully adjustable rear shock with linkage suspension. A wide ratio transmission and electric starter make life easy.  This is a competition use only bike and is not recreational off road compliant.

Christini AWD 450DS
The AWD 450 Dual Sport is an EPA and CARB approved street legal version of the off road 450, and includes DOT tires, lights, turn signals and mirrors. It uses the same motor and suspension as the off road, but is more geared towards adventure. You can cruise the roads, hit the trails and explore. The Christini Dual Sport offers unsurpassed off road ability and the added safety of AWD on the road.

Christini AWD 450 Explorer
With a Street Legal package (EPA and CARB approved), the Explorer offers the adventure rider a smaller platform to go on shorter trips, but in a way impossible on a standard bike. With the power of AWD, the new Christini EFI system, skid plate, hand guards, extended range rear rack tank, and a cooling fan for slow speed crawling, the Explorer will get you to where you want to go. Start on the road, and then hit the trails to go where others can’t, and make your ride on the Explorer and Adventure!

Christini AWD 450SM
The AWD SM from Christini just may be the ultimate commuter bike. EPA and CARB approved, the AWD 450 in Supermoto trim brings All Wheel Drive to the street with 17″ wheels front and rear. Discover the benefits of traction on the pavement as you head to work, run through town, or hit a country road. The added safety of All Wheel Drive means less worrying about wet roads, oil spots and loose gravel. Enjoy the freedom of the road on the AWD Supermoto form Christini.

Christini AWD 300 E-Start
The Christini AWD 300 2-stroke is the Race proven machine in the Christini lineup. With years of EnduroCross racing, it is able to tackle the tightest trails and most rugged terrain that man and mother nature can throw at you. Powered by the highly popular GasGas motor, Christini helps to keep the tradition of the big bore 2-stroke trail monster alive. Built tough in a light weight package and with a fully integrated AWD system, the bike is tailored to handle torturous conditions and gnarly terrain. The bike features the powerful GasGas 300E engine WP XPlor forks, a full FMF exhaust system, V-force reeds and a hydraulic clutch complete the package making the bike ready for the trails or a race near you. More traction, more stability and more control equals more fun.

Christini AWD Military
The Christini AWD Military Edition is based on the Christini AWD 450 E or Christini AWD 450 DS, and has a multitude of add on parts for added protection and longevity. It can be either off road specific or an on road based bike with all the options to make it extra tough! Each bike is built to order and you can choose from the accessory parts shown on our specifications tab. The Military Edition is used by the Navy Seals and Special Forces groups overseas, as well as other branches of the military. It features a powerful liquid cooled 450cc four-stroke engine, precisely tuned suspension, and an All Wheel Drive system that provides unbelievable traction, handling and stability. The Christini AWD Military Edition is an ideal first response vehicle for police departments, fire stations, and park rangers. As an outdoorsman, it’s an ideal alternative to your ATV or Side by Side as you can reach areas that are otherwise impassible with larger vehicles.