TX 300


VR 250 2001
VR 2000 Enduro 2003

VR 2000 Supermotard



Alfer was a motorcycle manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain.  Whilst it was a relatively small company, it produced 3 - 4000 motorcycles, mainly enduro and motocross models.  The company enjoyed great success in enduro and secured a number of Enduro Championships.

In 1989 Alfer decided to build their own trials motorcycle and formed a collaboration between the Alfer owner, Francisco Almirall and Albert Juvanteny a wealthy businessman from Barcelona.  The only trials bike produced was the TX300 which was unveiled at the Barcelona Motor Show in December 1988.  Alfer continued to build small quantities by hand for the next two years.

In 1992 Alfer engineer Martin Clerch started to design a water cooled engine.  It as fitter to a prototype but never went into production.

Today the company still continues but with entirely new owners, management and staff and are concentrating on electric motocross and enduro bikes.