Wrenchmonkees Gorilla Punch


This custom CB750, built by Copenhagen motorcycle collective the Wrenchmonkees, has been admitted to the Danish Museum of Art and Design. We're big fans of the approach the Monkees apply to their customs, working from found or donated motorcycles to create low budget, but highly original motorcycles. This CB750 is no exception, using a stock motor and frame but still achieving wholly transformative results.

The usual custom approach of upgrading the suspension, brakes and exhaust is present, but actually contributes very little to the end product. Most of the transformation is down the wheels, tires, paintjob and incredibly clever details.

The solid wheels and oversized tires lend the Gorilla Punch just the right amount of cartoonishly exaggerated proportions, making the other mechanical elements look delicate and almost undersized in comparison.

Check out the clever routing of the brake lines and electrics, nearly removing them from sight and lending to an incredibly clean look. The rear brake line, for instance, runs through the swingarm before popping out just ahead of the drilled brake caliper. The front lines run down the frame, rather than the forks. Don't miss the vintage grips either.

The paint job almost passes without notice, but simply accentuates the tank and tail's already appealing lines while all the other components are powdercoated in grey, making it look like they were all conceived as one whole rather than a multitude of components. But, everywhere we look we see interestingly chosen or customized pieces. This is what makes the Gorilla Punch our favorite Wrenchmonkees bike so far; we can't wait to see how they better it.

Source Wrenchmonkees