Terra Mostro


We have owned literally hundreds of motorcycles over the past 35 years, including but not limited to, XL's, XR's, XT's KTM LC4's, HUSKY's Husabergs BMW GS's, KTM 520, 450, and 950's, MZ's, Triumph Tigers, Ducatis and Cagivas.

Ownership, coupled with nearly 200,000 miles of dirt and dirt road riding through the California mountains, Nevada Deserts, Baja, Colorado, and the Midwest have given us a good idea of what each of these bikes has to offer and a good idea of what works on a True Adventure Ride.

The Terra Mostro is a True "50/50" dual sport bike that is nimble enough to be ridden on tight trials, stable enough to hold the throttle open on a Dry Lake bed or sand wash, and smooth enough (ie twin) to enjoy the ride home from Las Vegas to LA on the 15 at the speed limit plus.

It is easy to work on and inexpensive to repair. It is 150 lbs lighter than the GS, more nimble than a Uly, and way more friendly on the street than the KTM twins.

The Terra Mostro can keep an XR in it's sights when the terrain gets rough, and later that night, after a quick wash, you can ride to the local hotspot and be the center of attention.

Source Terramostro.com