Motus MST V4


Motus MST V4 .Engine is developed in conjunction with Pratt & Miller Engineering, creating something special, not yet seen on the motorcycle markets. It’s a true Hot-Rod engine, V4 pushrod, pushing 161HP @ 7800rpm and 122lbs/ft. using modern technologies like gasoline direct-injection (GDI). We can say that this engine is essentially a half/cut of a famous Corvette LS engine. The whole bike weigh in around 500lbs dry.

Good thing about this project is that Motus successfully created a “buzz” for this bike, and that is exactly what is missing most of the time, with OEM manufacturers. Lee Conn, Motus President added: “We are so proud to show the world the MST series, we poured our hearts and souls into these motorcycles and hope that it shows in terms of the quality and character of the machines.

The MST’s are exhilarating to ride – a very powerful experience unlike any other motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. There is usable power everywhere in rev-range, excellent feedback from the road, very responsive to inputs and….the sound of the KMV4 still gives me goose bumps every time one cranks.”

To be perfectly hones, Motus MST is a bit unrefined. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Most of the Hot Rod automobiles are unrefined as well, but that the part of their charm. We think that Motus nailed it – they have created Hot Rod motorcycle – the one which will be refined further, as the inputs of supporters and fans start to come in. Very exciting times for American motorcycle manufacturer.