Deep South Choppers


Done with the fat rear tire craze, Deep South Choppers is going back to the roots of American v-twin customizing as it was right after WWII, and re-building the modern custom tailored motorcycle. Bobbed rear fender, small 'peanut' styled fuel tank, absent front fender, sprung solo seat, straight pipes, anything and everything to make the bike more responsive and faster for the pure enjoyment of what motorcycles should be. Add the comfort and performance of intelligent racing shocks, tested frame geometry for perfect ergonomics, and the proven reliability of American made components, these motorcycle siblings are a force to be reckoned with in today’s market and the roads.

Introducing the SHOCKER series – a limited number production, custom tailored motorcycles. Understanding that customer’s demands in motorcycles increase throughout these tech savvy years, DSC has designed a motorcycle that perfectly blends style, comfort, performance, and price into the SHOCKER Series. In essence, the pair of motorcycles has a racing inspired engineering with an old school attitude.

The Low Voltage design has the fuel tank sitting low on the frame with drag style bars, creating a sleek profile for an aggressive look and feel.


The High Voltage has its fuel tank sitting on top of the frame with riser bars, producing a more relaxed chopper style.

Harley-Davidson the best in American motorcycle manufacturing, no argument there. What we like about their offering is the EVO engine. Their 80" EVO is a solid staple and a benchmark of all V-Twin engines still today. Bang for the buck, nothing is better than this engine. Reliably and tradition is the essence of the 80", and is a perfect fit for our SHOCKERS.
Baker® designs and manufacturers the best aftermarket transmission on the planet. But we're sure you knew that already. Offering this kind of premium transmission in this $20k retail price segment is almost unheard of. Inspired by drag racing, the 2" open belt primary drive adds to the aggressive Hot Rod flavor to the bike without sacrificing reliability. The two inch wide belt is a perfect blend of form and function as it doesn't stick out into your leg and foot operating space. Connecting the clutch to the rear wheel's sprocket is a heavy duty o-ring chain - making a durable, affordable and retro styled mechanics.
Not cutting any corners, the components above speaks volumes of our dedication to give you the most for your money. In conjunction of the bike's design, the pipes and bars are custom made, merging looks, performance and handling. The hand and foot controls are American made - keeping with the philosophy that American made bikes need to be truly American made - unlike our competitors offerings. Bright LED signals and the Halogen headlight will increase your visibility and help keep you safe. The spring seat will add to your comfort level while keeping track of your speed with the retro styled analog dial.
Durable, practical and nostalgic flat black powdercoated frame with a custom satin finish on all the metal components both come together to make this bike the toughest looking machine on the planet.

Who's the best painter in the industry? We think it's Airea 5150 out of Phoenix, AZ. You don't believe us? Go to their website and find out for yourself: www.airea5150.com

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