Energica Apache Customs X Midnight Runner


Apache Custom Motorcycles of Verona and Energica Motor Company of Modena have combined to create a one-off custom electric-powered Italian café racer—the Apache Customs X Energica Midnight Runner.

Apache built the Midnight Runner from an Energica Eva, a streetfighter powered by a permanent magnet AC, oil-cooled motor. Energica promises more than 125 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of 124 mph from the Eva. It also has all sorts of new age elements like Bluetooth, multiple ride modes and a vehicle control unit along with switchable ABS.

The bike now beautifully combines flat surfaces with rounded shapes, and you can particularly see this in the way the seat continues its lines into the fuel tank which is getting toned down by the rounded fairing and the bubble windshield.

The Apache Customs X Energica Midnight Runner proudly displays a pair of square yellow headlights on the vintage fairing, with no effort at flush mounting. A radiator for the Energica Eva electric motor lurks behind the forks. A red LED taillight array defines the rear of the Midnight Runner.