Cushman Super Eagle


Cushman Motor Works of Omaha, Nebraska, established its reputation by building motor scooters, such as its famous Auto-Glide model. In 1949, Cushman redesigned tis 50 series scooter to look like a miniature version of a Harley-Davidson Big Twin or an Indian Chief. The newly named Cushman Eagle motorcycle became the firm's best seller ever.

Super Eagles and Silver Eagles

In 1959, the eagle was dressed up with new styling as the Super Eagle. The front forks were covered by a shapely apron and a deluxe tail section housed the rear wheel. In 1961, Cushman unveiled its all-new, all-aluminum OMC 9hp Super Husky engine to create the Silver Eagle. Despite some early teething problems, the OMC engine soon powered the complete Eagle line.

All of the Luxuries of a Cadillac

This 1961 Super Silver Eagle was a fully optioned model with a price tag to match. It featured the luxurious Folo-Thru Bendix turnkey electric starter to crank over the Super Husky on a dime, a Buddy Seat, saddle bags, turn signals, twin mirrors, speedometer, and windshield as well as the special order all white paint scheme. To be sure, the Super Eagle set a high standard for style - in fact, this was as stylish a motorcycle as you could have dreamed of in the early sixties. The bike still holds up well today.


Engine inline 21.65 cu.in. or 354 cc (3 1/2 X 2 ¼ in.) overhead valve single cylinder
Power Output 9 hp
Chassis steel tube
Transmission 2 speed gearbox; chain final drive
Suspension (front) telescopic forks; (rear) swing arm
Brakes (front) drum; (rear) drum
Wheels 10-in standard with Cushman 100 tires
Maximum Speed 50 mph