Bullit Bluroc 125


Bullit Motorcycles is a Belgium-based, small capacity Motorcycle Manufacturer, who makes stylish retro-looking small-displacement motorcycles.

Bullit has added a retro variation to its 125cc range with the Bluroc. It is, always, a classic interpretation in the image of what the competition offers.

The Bullit Bluroc 125 enriches the range with its retro style. This is an additional offer within the Bullit range. Suddenly, it enters in direct competition with the Hunt 125, even if the Bluroc wants to be less typical vintage and more typical bobber / scrambler on the edges.

For the rest, we still find the same mechanical single-cylinder air-cooled base that uses plans from old Japanese blocks and minimalist equipment as is always the case in this segment. Bullit has taken care of the details such as the small blinkers, the fork bellows, the embossed saddle.