BHC-3 502
BHC-9 503
BHC-9 LS3 Trike

Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc. was established in 1990 when Monte Warne, the founder and president of Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc., created his first Chevy V-8 powered motorcycle in his 5000 square foot shop in Dyersburg, TN. Monte, a commercial aircraft pilot and degreed Aviation Airframe and Power plant technician, was the first to design a V-8 powered motorcycle that has a traditional cruiser motorcycle style, look and feel. This was accomplished by his unique approach to the motorcycles single speed (one gear) transmission design. The right angle drive transmission allows the length of the bike to be kept to a minimum and the engine-mounting inline with the frame made for a well-balanced design that is unequaled by any other V-8 powered motorcycles.

Over the past seventeen years Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc. has grown from its humble beginnings in Monte’s shop to a 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The product line has also grown from the conventional two-wheeled motorcycle to include three wheeled vehicles commonly referred to as trikes.

The product has seen significant improvements over the years through the R&D efforts of Boss Hoss Cycles’ in house engineering personnel and specialty contractors. Features like a 2-speed transmission with reverse, inverted front suspension, vacuum formed body panels, investment cast structural frame components, and many other specially designed components have helped improve the rigidity and ride of the Boss Hoss motorcycles. 

Boss Hoss has continued to broaden and expand the V8 motorcycling horizons. In January of 2006 Boss Hoss motorcycles and manufacturing facility received full vehicle type-approval from the European Commission (EC), effectively making Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc. the only globally approved V8 motorcycle manufacturer. At the release of the 2007 model production in August of 2006, Boss Hoss once again put the motorcycling world on its toes with the introduction of the new Boss Hoss Super Sport model. The Super Sport is the first new model design by Boss Hoss since the release of the 502 model in 2000. The lower seat height, shorter wheelbase and increased suspension travel, makes it feel like you’re part of the Super Sport... not just on it. This latest creation from Boss Hoss was designed to attract a wider range of motorcycle enthusiasts. In the true innovative spirit that brought the Boss Hoss to life, these dream machines will continue to astonish the most diehard motorcyclist.

Boss Hoss motorcycles are becoming an international phenomenon, as well as a benchmark of America caftsmanship. No other production motorcycle in the world brings as much to the road as a Boss Hoss:

- All the nostalgia and mystique of a classic cruiser
- Balance, comfort and reliability on par with the finest import touring bikes
- The dependability and serviceability of a Chevy V8
- 3 - 4 times the power of any other production bike in the world... period.

You have to experience a Boss Hoss for yourself to realize it's not a monster on two wheels... it's the ultimate motorcycle.

Every Boss Hoss is engineered for total performance, not just speed. Anyone into performance knows that all the power in the world is useless if it's unwieldy, unmanageable and unsafe. Every Boss Hoss is engineered for total performance.

Control-designed low centre of gravity makes the Boss Hoss easy to handle. And its Race-bike inspired weight distribution formula makes every ounce of the Boss Hoss work together for smoother, more controlled tracking of curves and city streets compared to many bikes half its size.

2-Speed Automatic Transmission (with reverse) gives you smooth, clutch-free operation. And with reverse, you have far fewer worries about tight spaces than with many other prodution cruisers or touring bikes.

Even the Boss Hoss's extended wheel-base was engineered for more than just good looks. The ride height and length also work to ensure that all that power goes where it belongs... straight ahead.