Boxer 2004
Bulldog 2010
Bulldog Bagger 2010
Coyote 2009-10
Chopper 2005-07
K9 2006-08
Mastiff 2006
Mastiff 2008
Mutt 2008
Pitbull 2005
Pitbull 2008
Pitbull 2010
Ridgeback 2005
Ridgeback 2008



Working Man's Special




Big Dog Motorcycles was an American manufacturer of semi-custom, mid-priced motorcycles, based in Wichita, Kansas. The company was founded in 1994. In 2006, Big Dog manufactured its 20,000th motorcycle. Financial problems forced the company to close in 2011.

Big Dog produced a single motorcycle in its first year, affectionately known as "Old Smokey"; its over-sized fenders and classic cruiser style would point the way for all of the company's later products. By 1997, the company had reached $2 million in sales, and in 2000, the company had expanded so much that a move to a new, 110,000-square-foot (10,000 m2) factory and world headquarters (since expanded to 175,000 square feet) was required. As of 2007, the company had over 100 associated dealers, and employed over 300 people.

Big Dog produced nine models; the K-9, the Ridgeback, the Husky, the Boxer, the Mastiff, the Pitbull, the Coyote, the Wolf and their most recent addition, the BullDog. The Pitbull model received V-Twin Expo's 2007 "Excellence In Motorcycling Award" for a production motorcycle. All of their current motorcycles utilize S&S V-twin engines, 6-speed transmission, one-piece fuel tank, wide rear tires, and extensive use of chromed components. All of these models could be described as cruiser or chopper style motorcycles. Major differences between the models include rear tire width (250mm versus 300mm), front tube length, and rear suspension.

Big Dog Motorcycles were particularly well known for their wide assortment of customizing options for their otherwise stock motorcycles. These include at least 69 paint and graphic options, and a wide selection of accessories, including custom seats, exhausts, grips, storage bags, sissy bars and windshields

Source: Wikipedia