Roehr Motorcycle Company History

In 1995 Walter Roehrich began construction of the 500 cc two stroke v-twin motorcycle, using Yamaha YZ250 engine parts on a prototype crankcase. The result was the 115 hp Roehr Rv500 that was shown to the press in 2000. The company intended to manufacture the motorcycle in limited numbers but manufacturing the bike with the addition of the DFI fuel system was prohibitively expensive[2]

The company turned its focus in creating a production bike. The Rv1000 prototype powered by a 120 hp 936cc 60° 4-stroke V-twin manufactured by US Highland was revealed in 2004.

Roehr introduced the V-Roehr production motorcycle in March 2007. The bike was to be powered by a 180 hp supercharged Harley Davidson 1250 cc "Revolution" engine. Production of the first 50 bikes was scheduled to begin in 2008.

Roehr eSuperBike / RR

Roehr 1130 Prototype

Roehr 1260