Bastard 2013
B 300CR 2016
B 450 Scrambler 2013
B 500CR Café Racer 1999
B 500CR Café Racer 2005
B 500 Ricki 2014
B 651 Scrambler 2005
Multiuso 125 2014
Multiuso 230 2014

Founded in 1987 by Umberto Borile in Vo Euganeo near Padova, it reborns in 2010 with the entrance as a co-owner of the Bassi family and takes the name of Umberto Borile & Co.

An extraordinary adventure, a symbol of an authentic Made in Italy and a story that comes from the passion of a man, Umberto Borile, which supervises step by step the production of the motorcycles from design to construction using only the best materials and technologies.

A vision that blends, making them an unique thing, an Italian quality and modernity of the chosen solutions.

The first motorcycle was born in 1988, the Feather 520, a single-cylinder 4 stroke 500 cc. off-road model, so innovative, that its futuristic design solutions are still being adopted today.

In 1997 was presented the Borile B54T, with this bike we chose a new route, reinventing a classic off-road look from the sixties. While inspired by the English style of the era, our B500 is thoroughly modern mechanically, assembled by our craftsmen with painstaking care and featuring details in aluminium, machined precisely and polished by hand.

The first Café Racer B500CR was presented in 1999 with a new engine in unit with its gearbox. This bike rapidly earned the respect and appreciation of the motorcycle press, being recognized several times, as one of the best Italian bikes in recent history.

The last two years have seen Umberto Borile & Co. Srl put the wonderfully unique Multiuso in to production, rapidly followed by the stunning B450 Scrambler, powered by our exciting new engine. We have plans for a new version of the B500CR, and a B350EN Enduro model is in the works too. The beautiful off-road ‘B500 Ricki’ is currently being hand-built to order, in a very limited run of 20 specimens.