Yamaha XVZ 1300 Royal Star Tour Deluxe




Make Model

Yamaha XVZ 1300 Royal Star Tour Deluxe


2005 - 06


Four stroke, 70°V-four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder


1294 cc / 78.9 cu-in
Bore x Stroke 79 х 66 mm
Cooling System Liquid cooled
Compression Ratio 10.0:1


4x 32mm Mikuni Constant-Velocity


Digital TCI 
Starting Electric

Max Power

98 hp / 71.5 kW @ 4750 rpm

Max Torque

123 Nm / 90.7 lb-ft @ 4750 rpm
Clutch wet, multiple discs, cable operated


5 Speed 
Final Drive Shaft
Frame Steel, Double cradle frame

Front Suspension

Air assisted telescopic fork
Front Wheel Travel 142 mm / 5.5 in

Rear Suspension

Single shock, link-type w/air assist
Rear Wheel Travel 104 mm / 4.0 in

Front Brakes

2x 298mm discs 4 piston calipers

Rear Brakes

Single 320mm disc 1 piston caliper

Front Tyre


Rear Tyre

Seat Height 739 mm / 29.1 in

Dry Weight

357 kg / 842.6 lb

Fuel Capacity 

20 Litres / 5.3 US gal

The Royal Star Tour Deluxe is the ultimate 2-for-1 deal.

All you have to do is pop on the quick-release touring windshield and passenger backrest, and in a matter of a few seconds, you've magically transformed your cool cruiser into a long-haul touring bike. With no compromises in style or comfort. Hit the road.


1,294cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC,4-valve, V-4 engine is tuned to produce class-leading power - 98hp @ 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 89 ft-lb @ 4,750 rpm - for incomparable touring performance.

4-valve per cylinder head design ensures maximum breathing efficiency for greatengine performance.

Four Mikuni BDSR 32mm carburetors with TPS deliver seamless throttle response.

Each carburetor features a single 15-watt heater to ensure consistent fuel/air delivery under varying outside air temperatures.

Dual intake system enhances performance by maximizing the intake volume without sacrificing fuel tank capacity.

Large-capacity radiator ensures superior engine cooling for maximum efficiency.

Single-axis internal counterbalancer reduces engine vibration for maximum rider comfort.

Wide-ratio 5-speed transmission with 4th and 5th overdrive gears reduces engine rpm at highway speeds for smooth, relaxed touring.

Maintenance-free light action hydraulic clutch

Smooth, clean, quiet, low-maintenance shaft drive

4-into-2 exhaust system puts out a throaty exhaust note and creates a long, low profile that's easily customizable.

Maintenance-free transistor-controlled digital ignition provides a precise timing curve at all rpms for instant engine response and fast sure starts.

Automatic cam chain tensioners reduce maintenance and mechanical engine noise.

Air induction system reduces CO and HC emissions.

Spin-on type cartridge oil filter means fast, easy oil changes.

Easy-to-use heel-toe shifter highlights the Venture's classic design.


High strength, single-backbone frame with solid engine mounting and 28.8° caster angle (131mm of trail) delivers responsive steering and excellent handling qualities.

Rigid steel swingarm features a hollow left side "arm" that allows the shaft drive to pass through it. Special reinforcements have been added between the swingarm pivot shaft and the arms for additional rigidity. The benefit is predictable, relaxed handling with excellent stability, thanks in part to the extra long 1,715mm (67.5'‘) wheelbase.

Exceptionally roomy ergonomics for maximum rider and passenger touring comfort.

Air-adjustable 43mm front fork with 140mm (5.6'‘) of wheel travel smoothes out the bumps and can be adjusted for varying load capacities.

Air-adjustable link rear suspension features a vertically mounted single shock for that classic hardtail look and outstanding long-distance ride quality. Rear wheel travel is 105mm (4.1'‘)

Air adjustability allows the rider to adjust both front and rear suspension preload to match load and road conditions.

Dual 298mm front disc brakes features twin piston calipers while a 4-piston caliper squeezes the single 320mm rear disc. Both front and rear brakes provide strong, linear stopping power.

Quick, detachable windshield with integrated lower wind deflectors provides excellent wind and weather protection. This windshield can be detached via a dual lever style mechanism within seconds. This design offers the best of two worlds, excellent touring comfort while at the same time allowing the owner to quickly change the unit into a stylish cruiser once at his/her destination.

Easy-to-reach, large-diameter, 1-inch rubber-mounted handlebars provide a comfortable riding position. Polished bar end handlebar weights with special rubber dampers have been added to the ends of the handlebar to further reduce vibration and maximize rider comfort.

Roomy separate rider and passenger seats provide all day riding comfort and support. The overall seat height is 740mm, making it easier to plant both feet firmly on the ground.

Quick detachable passenger backrest provides excellent long distance comfort and confidence for the passenger. Its quick detach design allows a fast transformation from touring machine to stylish cruiser ready to turn heads on your local downtown strip.

Full-sized floating-type rider and passenger floorboards reduce vibration and are positioned for optimal long-distance comfort.

20-liter fuel tank provides an important styling highlight while still providing a good touring-type extended riding range.

Powerful 12V 60/55-watt halogen headlight maximizes nighttime visibility while cutting a stylish profile. The new chrome headlight bezel provides a strikingly stylish design.

‘‘Vintage-style'‘ digital instrumentation features a traditional analog display. The instrument console features include: speedometer, odometer, dual tripmeters and a fuel gauge plus a range of warning lights. The cruise control activation lights are mounted in the centre of the console

Convenient electronic cruise control system. The cruise control operation switch is conveniently located on right handlebar switchgear for ease of use. The operating range is from approx. 50 to 130 kms per hour.

Colour-matched hard saddlebags feature handy, one-touch openers and offer 35- liters of space per bag. The bags are protected by a rugged chromed bar mounted in front of the saddlebags.


Low-maintenance, sealed 18-amp hour battery ensures easy, reliable starting.

Self-cancelling turn signals with new clear white signal lens provide an eye catching appearance

Incomparable fit and finish includes flawless paint, brushed stainless steel accents, and deep valanced steel fenders.

Numerous chromed engine parts highlight pride of ownership and attention to detail.

Ignition switch, with integrated steering lock, and accessory position is mounted at the front of fuel tank for extra convenience. It features a theft-resistant design.

Polished aluminum handlebar switches

All new extra wide clutch and brake levers

Steering lock

With the cruiser market on fire and buyers gobbling up bikes almost as fast as they can be made, Yamaha has been scrambling for new models to add to its lineup. For 2005 the tuning-fork folks are rolling out the Royal Star Tour Deluxe, which can be converted from touring to cruiser duty. It’s based upon the familiar Royal Star Venture, but the large front fairing and trunk are gone, replaced with a quickly detachable windscreen and removable passenger backrest. Pop them off to go cruising in town or slap them back on for a road trip. Among the other changes are a new retro-style instrument panel; chrome headlamp nacelle; clear turn-signal lenses; slightly smaller 5.3-gallon fuel tank (down from 6 gallons); and four-into-two exhaust system with changeable muffler tips. The audio system found on the Venture has been swapped for an electronic cruise control on the Tour Deluxe.

The Tour Deluxe’s drivetrain is virtually unchanged from the Royal Star Midnight Venture—a liquid-cooled, 70-degree V-4 displacing 1,294cc with dual-overhead camshafts, four carburetors and four valves per cylinder. It’s backed up with a hydraulically actuated wet clutch and five-speed gearbox. The V-4 engine layout combines the side-view appearance and much of the sound and character of a V-twin, with the smoother running and higher horsepower per cubic inch of a four-cylinder design. When we tested a Venture in Rider’s August 2004 issue, this same engine type produced 78 rear-wheel horsepower and 77 lb/ft of torque.

Both ends of the bike get air-adjustable suspension, which allows the rider to compensate for changes in loading. Out back a revised swingarm stretches the wheelbase a tad, to a lanky 67.5 inches. Alternator output has also been increased from 315 to 406 peak watts, which is handy for things like electrically heated riding gear and add-on driving lamps.

Advertisement Yamaha chose the beautiful area around Charlottesville, in scenic northwestern Virginia, to introduce this bike to the moto-press. This is Thomas Jefferson’s hometown, where Monticello is located, and the mansions of other famous Americans such as James Madison are nearby. Dotted with reminders of America’s past, our route took us northward to beautiful Shenandoah National Park and the serpentine Skyline Drive with sweeping panoramas of the lush green countryside. This historic area is ideally suited to motorcycle touring and you owe it to yourself to visit and ride here.

Out on the open road is where this bike shines. Both fourth and fifth gears are overdrive for relaxed highway riding, and thanks to the broad torque curve you hardly have to worry about what gear it’s in—just roll on the throttle and motor away. Its torquey engine lopes along with a pleasing rumble flowing from the twin exhausts. While it may not be extremely fast, the Tour Deluxe has ample power for passing and can cruise all day at any reasonable highway speed. A single counterbalancer helps keep vibration to a minimum and the cruise control works smoothly and easily, saving hand cramps and holding speed right where you set it.

Clutch action is flawless and shifting is smooth and quick for a cruiser. The low-maintenance shaft drive is quiet, but there is a considerable amount of slack in the driveline when rolling on and off the throttle. We also noticed that some of the bikes popped and backfired in the exhaust on strong deceleration as fuel is drawn from the carburetors’ idle jets during initial coastdown.

By eliminating the large trunk, front fairing and radio, Yamaha was able to shave about 50 pounds from the Venture to create the Tour Deluxe. While still heavy, the weight loss lowers the center of gravity noticeably, which makes the bike easier to handle, especially when coming up off the sidestand and maneuvering at low speeds.

Braking from the dual front rotors and single rear unit is strong and consistent, but front lever effort is higher than would be expected from such a setup. Steering feels light for such a large, stout machine, and at sane, moderate velocities it turns in and corners nicely. Ride quality is comfortably plush and at speed the bike is very stable. When you start to push the bike harder through the corners, though, the running boards scrape quite readily and the Bridgestone Exedra tires feel vague and not particularly confidence-inspiring.

The windscreen can be easily removed with a simple latch mechanism and lifted off the bike; replacement is also simple. It affords great wind protection and little buffeting. The windscreen is tall, however, so most riders have to look through it near the top edge, which is distracting.

Both rider and passenger seating is quite comfortable, although the raised lip on the back of the seat forces taller riders to sit farther forward than would otherwise be natural. The removable pillion backrest is sure to be popular—it detaches in seconds without tools and reinstalls the same way. Mirrors are well-positioned for good visibility and free of shaking. Footboard positioning is also just about right.

Luggage capacity in the spacious hard bags is 9.3 gallons of volume per side. Although the locking mechanisms take up quite a bit of space, inside they still hold a lot of gear and use the same key as the ignition, which is very convenient. Speaking of locks, you have a choice of using either a key or padlock for securing the steering.

The Tour Deluxe will come in Charcoal Silver/Raven or Raspberry Metallic/Raven and retail for $13,999. That’s $2,900 less than the 2004 Royal Star Midnight Venture tested in the August issue. More than 100 accessories have been developed for the Tour Deluxe, which will let owners further customize their bikes to suit their individual tastes.

The Tour Deluxe is a solid, proven design that is pleasant to ride and feels like it could run forever. It successfully combines many of the features of a cruiser and a touring bike into a single machine. And any time you can get two bikes for the price of one, that’s a good thing!