Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept




Three young designers from Honda Reseach & Development Americas located in Southern California were given the task to build custom bikes based on the Fury, Stateline & Sabre.

The last of the three custom factory creations from Honda to be presented, after the Switchblade and the Furious, is Stateline “Slammer” bagger concept. Just like the other two projects, this one is based on a model from the VT1300 range, namely the Stateline, as its name suggests.

Also designed by a member of Honda Reseach & Development Americas located in Southern California, the Stateline “Slammer” bagger was built from start to finish in just three months and within a limited budget.

All three concepts VT1300 Series concepts were designed with two requirements in mind: to be full on runners and stay true to the core of the production vehicle.

Here's what Honda have to say about the 2010 Stateline “Slammer” (Bagger):

“Based on a 2010 Stateline, designer Erik Dunshee (Honda R&D Americas) reveals the life of low. Fueled by elegance and power the Slammer sports a fully adjustable air-ride suspension, NAV/Multimedia, 10" subwoofer and 500 watts of power. With a full front end conversion, including a lean 23" custom wheel, the designer achieved all this without frame or engine modification. Low has never looked so good.”


Stock: Frame, swing arm, VT1300cc engine and tank
23" Spec designed front wheel
Fully "Air ride adjustable" front & rear suspension 6" ride height to 2.25" lowered
Composite coated narrow track front rotor with 6 piston caliper
Nav/Multimedia Head unit with GPS speed display
3 speaker including a 10" subwoofer 500 watt sound system
Full custom bodywork including a leather drop seat
2 tone Satin metallic black & pearl black paint
Custom Spec crossover twin pipe exhaust
Air/Box/cleaner Conversion