Megola Touring




The famous Megola was designed by MEixner, GOckerell and LAndgraf. It had a sv-five cylinder radial engine with 640 cc and 14 HP in the front wheel. It was built in Munich from 1921 to 1925.

The bike had no clutch and transmission or neutral gear, and the high torque of the engine allowed to accelerate from (almost) zero mph to full speed with one gear. At stops, the engine had to be turned off, then you had to push the bike to get it started again.   

The frame was made of welded and riveted sheet metal. The tube of the front wheel had a special design: the tube was an open circle, so it could be changed without taking the front wheel (and the engine!) out. 

The Megola was successful in races with drivers like Toni Bauhofer, Josef Stelzer and Albin Tommasi. The SPORT Megolas had a top speed of 140 km per hour. 

Only 2000 units were built. Today the Megola is one of the rarest and most interesting vintage motorcycles.