Honda CG 150 Titan Mix




Honda CG150 Titan Mix is the world’s first production flex fuel motorcycle. This standard type bike can use gasoline, bio-ethanol or a combination of the two to run it. Honda CG150 Titan Mix will be sold in Brazil only  This selling policy considering that the bio fuel is really cheaper in Brazil which has developed bio fuel as massive production years ago. Developed by Honda Amazonia, the Honda CG150 Titan Mix is targeted to be produced 200,000 units annually. It looks impossible to reach the target if the company was not in Brazil. In this soccer’s country, the flex-fuel engine is nothing new. It is estimated that 90% of cars sold in Brazil are flex-fuel compatible. The cheapest bio fuel is here.

Honda CG150 Titan Mix is supplied by Mix Fuel Injection System which was developed by Honda itself and not Honda Amazonia. This is an indication that Honda will bring their similar machine to the other markets (countries).