Norley Café Racer




Building a motorcycle with a Harley Sportster engine installed in a Norton looking frame and using a Café Racer style bodywork and accessories creates a NORLEY. Of course the idea came from England via a frame manufacturer named JW Motorcycles. You are looking at the first model of a limited edition assembled and offered here in the US by Norley Café Racer for a somewhat reasonable base price of $19,500.

You can also buy a Norley in kit form with many options. Frame, including swingarm with bearings and spindle, plus rear engine mount, weighs only 32 pounds. Headstock is set with a 26-degree rake and machined to accept Sportster yokes using taper bearings. Gas tank and oil tank are formed out of aluminum. The standard belt drive can be used, or there are sprocket conversions available. The assembled model featured here is using Excell wheels and a Ducati/Paul Smart front end. Only 20 units of this one are being produced at the price of $24,500.(photography copyright J. Guiselin)

Source Norley Café Racer via Cyril Huze Blog