Kawasaki Ninja H2 by Wrenchmonkees


The master builders Per Nielsen and Nicholas Bech of Copenhagen-based Wrenchmonkees, pulled off a spectacular customization of the fast, furious and exclusive Kawasaki Ninja H2 without comprising any of its performance.


The bike and project was commissioned by Dutch riding gear manufacturer, REV’IT! 

The Wrenchmonkees together with REV’IT! has come up with this custom Kawasaki H2 with a lot of inspirations dated back to the 80s and 90s era where motorcycles were iconic and timeless in their own right.

The stock fairings were removed and replaced with a set of modified units from a Kawasaki ZX-7R.


There are two aluminum sections hidden behind the fairings, one which is hiding the supercharger’s air intake, and the other a coolant tank and a load of electrical wiring.


The hand made fibreglass tank cover is a monocoque piece that includes the tail piece and seat section, which was fitted with a neoprene seat pad for some added comfort.


The H2 normally hosts a fuel cell under the main tank cover, but it was removed and replaced with two custom-made aluminum cells.  One sits under the tail hump and the other under the seat. The rear feeds the front, which houses the stock fuel pump; both can be removed as one unit, and total about nine liters of fuel.


A new rear subframe was manufactured to hold the new rear arrangement and to accommodate the new shock mounts at the back to give it that classic look.

To keep things fully “endurance racer” orientated, the guys at Wrenchmonkees installed a quick-release Lithium-ion battery for fast swaps, and engineered the fairings so that they can be removed quickly, by unfastening only five bolts.

The engine was left alone, except for a couple of performance parts which were added.  An SC-Project silencer together with a Sprintfilter air filter for better engine breathability.

The front fork was upgraded with some Hyperpro internal components giving the custom H2 a much lower stance.  The swingarm made with tubular aluminium sourced from GIA Engineering is attached to a fully adjustable Hyperpro shock absorber.

The wheels are magnesium units shod with Dunlop GP Sportmax racing slicks. The entire brake package was supplied by Beringer which includes the front brake discs, callipers, brake and clutch controls and braided steel lines. A set of RK racing chain was also fitted, a Talon rear sprocket, and a new top yoke and foot pegs from Uhrewerk.


The H2 now weighs in a 485 lbs / 220 kg and reads 198 hp at the rear wheel.


Source Wrenchmonkees & BikeExif