IZH Planeta Sport


This company started in 1933 in the USSR town of Izhevsk which is where the name came from, the first three letters of the town name. IZH did as many Soviet motorcycle companies of the era did, they copied the technology of other manufacturers and the early bikes from IZH were direct take-off's of Germany's DWK. After WWII, IZH began producing ISDT racing versions using regular production parts but in the 1960's made specialized bikes with winning in mind.

These ISDT inspired motorcycles proved very successful winning gold medals in international competition for the Soviet teams. The Planeta line started in 1962. In 1971 to 1975 the plant expanded with a modern assembly line and increased production. This is when the Planeta Sport was introduced using IZH's own technology and was far removed from DkW technology. IZH continues to produce motorcycles and are very popular in the Middle East, Far East, Eastern Europe, Central Africa and South America.